History of the Famous Glassworks of Nemunas

History of the Famous Glassworks of Nemunas

Niemen Crystal distributes hand cut crystal products from the Niemen glassworks.
The glassworks is distinguished by years of experience and tradition, as they date back to the nineteenth century. Each product is prepared with attention to detail and quality.

The first mention of the plant dates back to 1883, when Zenon Leski founded a bottle glass factory in Ustroń near Novogrudok. 

Before the war the plant employed 1600 workers. It boasted more than 1,500 models of cups, jugs, glasses, goblets and other types of table glass produced daily.

In the interwar period, the glassworks “Neman” was the largest manufacturer and exporter of pressed and blown glass. The factory’s products went to many countries around the world. Products could be found on the European market, among others in Holland and France. In North America, glass from “Niemen” glassworks went to Canada, and in South America to Argentina. The plant also exported its goods to Africa and the Middle East, namely Palestine and Syria.

In 1923 the plant was transformed into a joint stock company. The following years saw the production of elegant lamps, sugar bowls and ashtrays.

Colourful decorations, floral motifs and geometric shapes became an object of desire among housewives. The offer also included a glass coffee maker. In addition, the new owners built a kindergarten, an educational house and a mother and child care station.

“Niemen” was one of the most visited glassworks. In 1929 the plant was visited by the then president Ignacy Mościcki.

The 90s of the XX century were another time of splendor. The company’s products constituted from 2.9% to 3.9% of the domestic production calculated in tons. In the foreign turnover of the Polish glass industry the company’s share was 21% in 1930, 20% in 1931 and 19.7% in 1932, however it maintained its monopoly on glassware.

The glassworks could boast of many types of products. However, the greatest source of pride for the employees was a lamp made of five-layer coloured glass with a drawing depicting the Royal Castle and the Sigismund’s Column as well as an urn made of blue glass in which the heart of Józef Piłsudski was laid.

In the 1960s it was decided to change the appearance of the existing products. Folk patterns and characteristic glass threads were introduced.

Less than a decade later, glassblowers made decorations more attractive by sticking molten appliqué to blown products, decorating with enamel or decorating glass with wood bark.

The glassworks use the “cracle” technique, which creates the effect of cracked glass.

Nowadays, Nemunas Glassworks is run by the local museum. The production uses the art déco style, which is highly valued on the antiquarian market. The most expensive are the glasses in colors of blue, salmon and green.

In our offer you will find whisky glasses, glasses for vodka, red and white wine, champagne, martini, vases, platters, bowls and candlesticks. All products are hand made of high quality crystal glass.

The products are ideal for people who appreciate quality and uniqueness. Many of them were sent to cultural institutions. Vases can be admired in the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw, and bowls and plates in the collection of the National Museum in Krakow. 

sorce: https://polacy1920.pl/2020/09/niemen-szklo-i-krew/ 

sorce image: https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/obraz/53858:1/ 

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