Is lead in crystal safe?

Is lead in crystal safe?

Handmade crystals are a symbol of elegance and style. Impeccable brilliance and unique character are not the only features of these products. However, not everyone knows that lead is added to the process of manufacturing of crystals. Are lead crystal products safe for our health then?

For the production of crystal glass we use lead, or actually its processed version in the form of lead oxide. It is used in the production of wine glasses, vodka glasses, whisky glasses and other objects of everyday use.  

Contrary to all fears, the value of lead oxide present in crystal glass is so low that it does not have any influence on human body. Its maximum degree is 33%, but usually the amount varies from 24 to 32%.

Why is lead so important? Because this chemical compound makes the glass mass more flexible and softer. The oxide, is poured into the product before being poured into a particular mold. This is followed by the hardening process. The next step is hand decoration.

Lead content also contributes to a much higher refractive index than regular glass. Without lead, there would be no sparkling shine or sound of clinking glasses.

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