Luxury Crystal Whisky Glasses Handmade 6 pcs. ISLAY


Hand decorated whisky glasses, made of high quality 24% crystal glass. The set includes 6 pieces of glasses, each with a capacity of 300 ml. The mentioned crystal is distinguished by unique brilliance with refractive index about 1.5.

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Luxury crystal whisky glasses – Hand Made

Crystal glasses from Islay collection have a substantial weight and a satisfying feel in the hand, which enhances the tactile experience of drinking whisky. Moreover, the combination of clarity, elegance, and tradition makes our crystal whisky glasses highly prized for their beauty and their ability to enhance the enjoyment of whisky-drinking.

The handmade incisions of the Islay series are inspired by the beautiful Scottish island. Notches resembling peat and thistle blend perfectly with the slight range of hills.

Hand cut crystal glass with rich tradition

Niemen Crystal is a manufacturer of high-quality crystal glassware. We specialize in hand cut and decorated lead glass products. Our glassware is characterized by the precision of manual workmanship and attention to every detail. A high refractive index guarantees our products high degree of brilliance, transparency and clear sound.

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For us, Crystal glass is a passion and a rich tradition of craftsmanship. Niemen Crystal is an ever-evolving story that has been crafted since 1883 for this very moment.

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Weight 196 g
Dimensions 6 × 8 cm

1 review for Luxury Crystal Whisky Glasses Handmade 6 pcs. ISLAY

  1. Agnessa Jane

    The glasses are beautiful, heavy (real lead crystal) and arrived in ideal condition.

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