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Niemen Crystal – Pure Elegance

Niemen Crystal – Pure Elegance

Crystals were an obligatory element of interior design in the last century. Beautiful shapes, patterns and colours adorned wall units, chests of drawers and tables in many flats. They served as elegant dishes, which were supposed to emphasise the importance of extraordinary celebrations. They used to be common, but nowadays they mean a touch of luxury. What is more, they are used to decorate even modern interiors.

It is pleasing that more and more people choose crystals and thus care about tradition.


This is often an underestimated element of each interior design. It is very important that they are matched to the style of the room. Then they will constitute an extremely eye-friendly decoration. Crystal vases with a bunch of fresh and aromatic flowers are a must for the table. They will add not only elegance but also class.

Whisky glasses

Our products will certainly impress many guests. Exclusive whisky glasses will change your home furnishings and add a touch of class. Hand-made, they will surely appeal to many connoisseurs of this type of alcoholic beverages.

Cocktail glasses

An obligatory element of tableware needed in every home. Drinks from such glasses taste even better, and what is more, they look perfect. Thanks to their clarity, they show the right colour of the spirits and liquors served.

Vodka glasses

More and more often we focus on the fact that the glass on our table not only looks good, but also presents perfectly. Glasses from our offer are functional and practical. The variety of designs means that everyone will find something for themselves.

Red wine glasses

Ideal glasses are quite big, and their shape is similar to a closed tulip. They are magnificent, tall and massive. Wider glasses bring the surface of the wine into closer contact with the air, thus releasing unique aromas.

White wine glasses

They are distinguished by slender structure and a long leg. The top of such a glass has a gently opening upward edge. Our products will certainly allow you to enjoy the aromas of alcohol, and what is more, to maintain the ideal temperature of wine.

Champagne glasses

Crystal glasses ensure perfect clarity. Moreover, the slender, long bowl set on a subtle stem will ensure a pleasant tasting experience. Elegant crystals are also ideal as a gift. In our offer you will certainly find the perfect design.

Martini glasses

The Martini is one of the best-known and best-loved spirits – especially by women. This elegant drink seems to be of great importance. Therefore, we pay great attention to the unusual shape and design of our crystals.


They have been designed with gifts in mind. Whisky sets are an ideal gift for every occasion. A crystal decanter and glasses are also a great souvenir.


Original crystals will decorate any interior adding romance, warmth and mystery. With our candlesticks, a meeting with friends, a dinner, a bath or an evening with a book will no longer be the same. Check it out and fall in love with luxury.


Perfect for decorating as well as serving snacks. Decorate any table setting. Crystal tableware will serve during family and friend meetings. It will surely impress every guest at a sophisticated party.


Apart from subtle and delicate crystal platters you will also find massive and elegant products in our offer. They are functional, and above all, they are a wonderful setting for every party or meeting with family and friends.

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